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MEMFLEX Flexible Strip Brush expands design possibilities, conforms to shapes, resists corrosion, and reduces application costs.


Brush tables refer to a working surface for flat sheets of metal that provide a smooth, quiet and non-scratch surface.


Flex-Guard’s Staple Set Flexible Strip Brush, known as FLEXBACK, comes in standard and heavy-duty bristle.

Design the right Brush solution for your application!

FLEX-GUARD® manufactures and designs many different types of brush seals, including, custom brushes, brush tables, flexible strip brushes, industrial brushes, and many more to choose from or create pending your brush application..
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Metal Channel Brushes

Metal Channel Brushes

Flex-guard® manufactures metal channel strip brushes by laying filaments (natural, synthetic or wire) over a continuous metal channel while it is being formed into a “U” shape. The bristle material aligns vertically.

Flexible Strip Brushes

Flexible Strip Brushes

Flexible strip brushes are made from extruded flexible thermo-plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, styrene, nylons, and PVC. The range of configurations or shapes are only limited by your imagination.

Flexible Staple Set Brushes

Staple Set Brush Panels, can be cut to any size to best fill your machine bed layout as a brush table, AND they can be easily replaced as needed A staple set brush table is one in which the bristle is trimmed to length.

Brush Tables

Brush Tables

Brush tables are available as a solid base with tufts of staple set bristles. Brush tables can be modular aluminum bases with strips of replaceable brush. Brush tables can be a PVC base with strip brush inserts.

Brush Seals – Brush Tables – Flexible Strip Brushes

FLEX-GUARD® manufactures and designs Custom Brushes, Brush Seals, Brush Tables, Flexible Strip Brushes, and Industrial Brushes.

Brush SealsFlex-Guard industrial brush manufacturer provides a wide range of brush seals, including, custom brushes, industrial brushes, and machine guarding for all types of brush seal applications and industrial machinery. Our brush seals, brush tables, metal channel strip brushes, disk seals, ring seals, staple set brushes, button brushes, cup brush seals and cylindrical coil brush seals reduce the movement of air, restrict smoke and fumes, screen out the noise and static and dampen vibrations.

Flex-Guard containment brushes are available in thousands of standard and custom configurations to control: noise, chips, light, dust, vibration, air, coolant mist, and temperature. Flex-Guard introduces MEMFLEX Flexible Strip Brush, a flexible, metal-free brush designed to reduce the cost of hardware associated with metal constructions.

MEMFLEX Flexible Strip Brushes are flexible, lightweight and resist chemicals providing greater options for designing to required applications. Flex-Guard’s disc seals, ring seals, staple set brush tables, cup brush seals, external cylindrical coil brush seals provide you with Real World Solutions to industrial manufacturing problems in all types of facilities and situations.

Flex-guard brush mountings for brushes come in four types – straight brush mountings, right-angled brush mountings, reverse-angled brush mountings and angled brush mountings.

Many additional standards and unique mounting designs are available to meet your specific needs. Aluminum is our standard material, but stainless steel mountings are available. Flex-Guard provides you with detailed DESIGN SHEETS particular to the brushes and brush seals you require.


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